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taken. [29 Apr 2017|10:43pm]
coming asap.

welcome to [info]convo! [29 Apr 2017|10:39pm]
this is a new community and do you do need examples(1 challenge per character) to apply! the rules are simple! update once every three weeks and you can update however you like. though a screen name isn't required, it's highly suggested that you have one in order to create friends and storylines! there's only two sub comms; one for intros and the other for music and random. then after you read the rules all you have to do is just apply with your character's journal username with only their name in it, your sn (if you have one) and a contact post! lastly please encourage others to join in [info]rps!

character name:
aim/contact post: (aim not required )
request: here and here

adds: when we get enough apps
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mod screened post [29 Apr 2017|10:38pm]
for questions, comments, etc etc.
comments will be screened for your privacy.

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